Meta: “Less Wrong” connotations?

I’ve always interpreted this site’s title, “Less Wrong” (link is to description of origin of phrase), to name a goal that its members strive towards. After factoring in the slightly self-deprecating or human-deprecating connotations the title’s message sorta feels like “We know it’s impossible to become completely right, but we should at least aim to be less wrong”. But earlier today I realized that it could also be interpreted as an implicit comparison of social groups: “We are less wrong than others.”.1&2 Does anyone know if there’s a sizable minority of people who interpret “Less Wrong” to be primarily a boastful comparison of social groups? Edit: To make it clearer, I’m worried about potential negative effects via the social psychology of credibility and people maneuvering to uncharitably resolve unintended ambiguities to make contemptible caricatures of complex social groups whose perceived-members can thenceforth be disregarded. An example is how someone might be a lot more suspicious of an intellectual if that intellectual had been seen as somehow in league with those heartless Rand-worshipping Objectivists.

1 I’m not sure if this connotation was intended but I suspect that if it was it was meant as a secondary and subtle message, and I suspect that if people were trying to sneak in secondary or subtle messages they would have been smart enough to realize that putting two negative-affect words next to each other to make a title isn’t a good idea. But perhaps I underestimate the ratio of intellectualish cleverness to practical wisdom among those who named Less Wrong “Less Wrong”.

2 This kinda worried me because of all those somewhat-misguided3 comment replies that start off with “For a site titled ‘Less Wrong’, you guys sure are wrong about [probably controversial topic].”, where it’s unclear what they think “Less Wrong” is supposed to mean.

3 Here’s one good exception to the general awfulness of this meme.