[Question] Should you write under a blog or your own name?

I’ve always wondered if it’s better to write at a blog (overcomingbias.com) or write under your own name (scottaaronson.blog).

The benefits of writing under your own name seem to be easier credit to your work and that people get an instant snapshot of what you’re interested in. It also shows others how much you write and how long you’ve been writing for, which is a display for consistency for potential employers/​partners. The cons of this, though, is that sometimes one feels they can’t share personal projects they’re working on or other “less organizable” stuff.

If you write under a blog name, it seems to feel more credible (not sure why this is). It also allows you to use your personal website to talk about projects you’re working on things you’re researching, while having the option to link back to your blog to showcase your writing. If you do this, though, the consistency factor isn’t there like it would be if it were on your personal website.

I currently write at daltonmabery.com, but have debated changing it to 221b.blog (a nod to Sherlock Holmes), colloquim.blog, or something of the like.

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