Finally Ending My Cryo-Crastination

I’ve fi­nally de­cided to take the plunge and make the ar­range­ments for my even­tual cry­onic preser­va­tion. To help my­self make sure that I ac­tu­ally fol­low through with ev­ery­thing nec­es­sary, I’m pub­li­cly pre-com­mit­ting my­self here to ac­com­plish that.

As ini­tial ev­i­dence that I’m ac­tu­ally se­ri­ous about do­ing this, I’ve sent an email to The Cry­on­ics In­sti­tute to­day, whose con­tents were as fol­lows:

I have de­cided to fi­nally stop pro­cras­ti­nat­ing and make the nec­es­sary ar­range­ments for my even­tual cry­onic preser­va­tion, and I have cho­sen CI to make those ar­range­ments with.

I have looked through your mem­ber­ship pages and on­line sam­ple forms, and I be­lieve that I can work through my end of the pa­per­work with­out any real trou­ble, al­though I would still ap­pre­ci­ate any ad­vice you have to offer. For ex­am­ple, I live in Canada, about an hour’s drive from Toronto, which might af­fect which forms are nec­es­sary.

Be­fore I send my ini­tial pay­ment, I would at least like to con­firm the ba­sic de­tails, and let you know who the money is com­ing from. It ap­pears that, to start things off, I can Pay­pal you USD $110, for the yearly mem­ber­ship fee plus the first quar­ter’s dues; af­ter which I would mail you a phys­i­cal, signed copy of the yearly mem­ber­ship ap­pli­ca­tion. After that, there will be a va­ri­ety of doc­u­ments to sign and have wit­nessed; and the in­surance plan to ar­range for. Is that a rea­son­able sum­mary?

For the life in­surance, I am think­ing of a 20-year term policy with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). Have you had any deal­ings with them pre­vi­ously, to know whether or not there will be any prob­lems in set­ting the Cry­on­ics In­sti­tute as the benefi­ciary? Do you have any recom­men­da­tions about how large a benefit in ex­cess of the ba­sic USD $35,000 amount the policy should pay out, such as to cover cur­rency-ex­change fluc­tu­a­tions or the ‘lo­cal help’ rider?

Is there any­thing else you would recom­mend be dis­cussed be­fore I make that ini­tial pay­ment and set the ball in mo­tion?