[Question] Does taking extreme measures to avoid the coronavirus make sense when you factor in the possibility of a really long life?

Some back of the nap­kin math. Sup­pose we:

  • Value a QUALY at $50k.

  • Use an ex­pected lifes­pan of 10k years. Per­haps you ex­pect a 1% chance of liv­ing 1M years due to the pos­si­bil­ity of a friendly su­per­in­tel­li­gence or some­thing.

That would mean:

  • The value of your life would be $500M.

  • A 1% chance of death would cost $5M.

  • A 100x smaller chance of death of 0.01% would cost $50k.

  • De­creas­ing your chance of death 100x would be worth ~$5M.

There seem to be var­i­ous ways to de­crease your chance of death from the coro­n­avirus by 100x or more by go­ing from “nor­mal care­ful” to ex­tremely care­ful.

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