[Question] Is there a difference between uncertainty over your utility function and uncertainty over outcomes?

I was dis­cussing UDT yes­ter­day and the ques­tion came up of how to treat un­cer­tainty over your util­ity func­tion. I sug­gested that this could be trans­formed into a ques­tion of un­cer­tainty over out­comes. The in­tu­ition is that if you were to dis­cover that ap­ples were twice as valuable, you could sim­ply pre­tend that you in­stead re­ceived twice as many ap­ples. Is this ap­proach cor­rect? In par­tic­u­lar, is it trans­for­ma­tion com­pat­i­ble with UDT-style rea­son­ing?