Apptimize—rationalist startup hiring engineers

App­ti­mize is a 2-year old startup closely con­nected with the ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­nity, one of the first founded by CFAR alumni. We make “lean” pos­si­ble for mo­bile apps—our soft­ware lets mo­bile de­vel­op­ers up­date or A/​B test their apps in min­utes, with­out sub­mit­ting to the App Store. Our cus­tomers in­clude big com­pa­nies such as Nook and Ebay, as well as Top 10 apps such as Fli­pa­gram. When com­pa­nies eval­u­ate our product against com­peti­tors, they’ve cho­sen us ev­ery time.

We work in­cred­ibly hard, and we’re striv­ing to build the strongest en­g­ineer­ing team in the Bay Area. If you’re a good de­vel­oper, we have a lot to offer.


  • Our team of 14 in­cludes 7 MIT alumni, 3 ex-Googlers, 1 Whar­ton MBA, 1 CMU CS alum, 1 Stan­ford alum, 2 MIT Masters, 1 MIT Ph. D. can­di­date, and 1 “20 Un­der 20” Thiel Fel­low. Our CEO was also just named to the Forbes “30 Un­der 30

  • David Sala­mon, Anna Sala­mon’s brother, built much of our early product

  • Our CEO is Nancy Hua, while our An­droid lead is “20 un­der 20” Thiel Fel­low James Kop­pel. They met af­ter James spoke at the Sin­gu­lar­ity Summit

  • HP:MoR is re­quired read­ing for the en­tire company

  • We eval­u­ate can­di­dates on cu­ri­os­ity even be­fore eval­u­at­ing them technically

  • Se­ri­ously, our team is badass. Just look

Self Improvement

  • You will have huge au­ton­omy and own­er­ship over your part of the product. You can set up new in­fras­truc­ture and tools, ex­pense busi­ness prod­ucts and ser­vices, and even sub­con­tract some of your tasks if you think it’s a good idea

  • You will learn to be a more goal-driven agent, and un­der­stand the im­pact of ev­ery­thing you do on the rest of the business

  • Ac­cess to our library of over 50 books and au­dio­books, and the free­dom to pur­chase more

  • Every­one shares in­sights they’ve had ev­ery week

  • Self-im­prove­ment is so im­por­tant to us that we only hire peo­ple com­mit­ted to it. When we say that it’s a com­pany value, we mean it

The Job

  • Our mo­bile en­g­ineers dive into the dark, un­doc­u­mented cor­ners of iOS and An­droid, while our back­end crunches data from billions of re­quests per day

  • Eng­ineers get gi­ant mon­i­tors, a top-of-the-line MacBook pro, and we’ll pay for what­ever else is needed to get the job done

  • We don’t de­mand prior ex­pe­rience, but we do de­mand the fear­less­ness to jump out­side your com­fort zone and job de­scrip­tion. That said, our web­site uses An­gu­larJS, jQuery, and ng­inx, while our back­end uses AWS, Java (the good parts), and PostgreSQL

  • We don’t have gra­tu­itous perks, but we have what counts: Free snacks and catered meals, an ex­cel­lent health and den­tal plan, and free mem­ber­ship to a gym across the street

  • Se­ri­ously, work­ing here is awe­some. As one en­g­ineer puts it, “we’re like a fam­ily bent on tak­ing over the world”

If you’re in­ter­ested, send some Bayesian ev­i­dence that you’re a good match to jobs@app­ti­