Theological Epistemology

Does any­one know of an ap­par­ently defen­si­ble re­sponse to the fol­low­ing ques­tion?

How does a the­ist dis­t­in­guish by any imag­in­able ex­pe­rience be­tween an om­nipo­tent and lov­ing Be­ing, and an om­nipo­tent Be­ing that just wants you to be­lieve it is lov­ing?

Or, if you pre­fer:

Out of all po­ten­tial om­nipo­tent be­ings that want you to be­lieve that they are lov­ing, what ob­ser­va­tion can dis­t­in­guish those which ac­tu­ally are lov­ing?

Also, are any of you aware of an­other who has posed this ques­tion?

EDIT: I’m con­fused at the ap­par­ent dis­ap­proval of many. Is it be­cause the ques­tion refers to re­li­gion?