[SEQ RERUN] Lotteries: A Waste of Hope

To­day’s post, Lot­ter­ies: A Waste of Hope was origi­nally pub­lished on April 13, 2007. A sum­mary (from the LW wiki):

Some defend lot­tery-ticket buy­ing as a ra­tio­nal pur­chase of fan­tasy — pay­ing a dol­lar for a day’s worth of pleas­ant an­ti­ci­pa­tion. But then your valuable brain is oc­cu­pied with a fan­tasy whose real prob­a­bil­ity is nearly zero, in­vest­ing emo­tional en­ergy. Without the lot­tery, peo­ple might fan­ta­size about things to ac­tu­ally do, which then might lead to mak­ing the fan­tasy a re­al­ity. To work around a bias, you must first no­tice it, an­a­lyze it, and de­cide that it is bad. Many peo­ple, such as the lot­tery ad­vo­cates above, of­ten fail to com­plete the third step.

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