My new rationality/​futurism podcast

I’ve started a pod­cast called Fu­ture Strate­gist which will fo­cus on de­ci­sion mak­ing and fu­tur­ism. I have cre­ated seven shows so far: in­ter­views of com­puter sci­en­tist Ro­man Yam­polskiy, LW con­trib­u­tor Gleb Tsipursky, and artist/​free speech ac­tivist Rachel Hay­wire, and monologues on game the­ory and Greek Mythol­ogy, the Pri­son­ers’ Dilemma, the sunk cost fal­lacy, and the Map and Ter­ri­tory.

If you en­joy the show and use iTunes I would be grate­ful if you left a pos­i­tive re­view at iTunes. I would also be grate­ful for any feed­back you might have in­clud­ing sug­ges­tions for fu­ture shows. I’m not used to in­ter­view­ing peo­ple and I know that I need to work on be­ing more ar­tic­u­late in my in­ter­views.