Less Wrong policy questions

I have a few ques­tions, mostly on which kinds of con­tent can or can­not be posted to Less Wrong.

1) Sup­pose I’d like ev­ery­one to com­ment on this pa­per, is it okay to just link to it, give an op­pinion, and ask for oth­ers?

2) What if the pa­per had been writ­ten by me?

3) What if it was a blog post from an­other blog?

4) Videos and images are al­lowed?

5) Should all Meta-level dis­cus­sion be posted un­der the “Dis­cus­sion” or are there kinds of Meta wel­come in the Main Posts?

6) Is there any se­quence of posts from the post-Yud­kowsky era that have been col­lected into a Co­he­sive Ex­trapo­leted Less-Wrong­ness so that peo­ple who just finished the se­quences can go right to them? Why not?