Map of (old) MIRI’s Research Agendas

In late 2016 I in­de­pen­dently cu­rated a vi­sual map of the ar­eas of re­search MIRI was work­ing on at the time, to­gether with de­scrip­tions of each area and ar­rows ex­plain­ing the re­la­tion­ships be­tween ar­eas.

While MIRI’s re­search has evolved since, I have foud my­self go­ing back to this map as a refer­ence while do­ing re­search, so I though I would share it with the rest of you in case it might be use­ful for some.

Map of Re­search Areas in AI Alignment

The map is based on the Agent Foun­da­tions agenda by Soares and Fallen­stein of 2014 and the Align­ment for Ad­vanced ML Sys­tems agenda by Tay­lor et al in 2016.

Let me know if this was use­ful for you! It will be use­ful ev­i­dence on whether spend­ing time cu­rat­ing more maps of the same style is a good use of my time.