[Question] What is learning?

I want to know what learn­ing ac­tu­ally is. Ideally you can provide a model that is com­pact and use­ful as pos­si­ble, such that when I en­counter the word ‘learn’ in daily life I could re­place it with this model while see­ing a com­plete set of unique gears within it such that I can look at a real-world learn­ing sys­tem and see how its traits cor­re­spond to each of those parts.

Gen­er­a­tive sub­ques­tions:

What re­sults from Ta­boo­ing it? What are its com­po­nents? Is there a pre­cise Gen­eral The­ory of Learn­ing that un­der­pins hu­mans, an­i­mals, ML agents, or any other things that learn? If there are mul­ti­ple con­structs be­ing pointed to with ‘learn’: what are the differ­ences be­tween sys­tems that ‘learn’? How many differ­ent kinds of ‘learn­ing’ are there and what do they look like?

What isn’t learn­ing?

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