[HPMoR] Celebratory Trailer

Over the weekend the Methods of Rationality audio-book podcast tipped 1000 downloads, and I figured in celebration I’d put a trailer or two out on YouTube. Nothing fancy, just some stills/​pics with an audio clip of 30-60 seconds. Thing is, I don’t know what would work best for this. So I’m asking any readers of the fanfic—what first really captured your attention when you started reading Methods of Rationality? When did you say “Ok, that’s it, I gotta read all of this now”? Or, if you’re a listener to the podcast, are there any particular points that you thought were cool enough to share widely?

The restrictions are that it should be somewhere in the 30-60 second range, and that it has to be from the first 6 chapters (since that’s all that’s been recorded so far).