LessWrong meetup, London UK, 2010-06-06 16:00

The next London LessWrong meetup will be at 16:00 on Sunday 6 June in the Shakespeare’s Head near Holborn station. I’ll put a Less Wrong sign on the table so you can find us; I look like this. Send me a direct message with your mobile number or email me (paul at ciphergoth dot org), and I’ll reciprocate.

We’re trying out a different venue this time; this is where we ended up meeting after Humanity+ which means that at least six of us already know where it is. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Update: Sad to say, I may now not make this myself—a domestic emergency has come up. Sorry to let people down! If another volunteer could step forward to put the “Less Wrong” notice on the table and kick things off, that would be a great service—thanks!