A Section for Innovation?

Ra­tion­al­ity is about a type of op­ti­mal­ity, and op­ti­mal states are of­ten found only af­ter mul­ti­ple steps within a do­main of a func­tion ex­plored. There are com­mu­ni­ties run­ning these pro­cesses (e.g., halfbak­ery.com), and en­courag­ing them through things like hu­mor, that leads to ex­plo­ra­tion of new ex­tremes, even­tu­ally ar­riv­ing at some­thing more op­ti­mal than what was origi­nally posted.

I won­der, if we could sup­port some­thing like that on LessWrong, where, say, some­one comes up with a new mechanism or in­ven­tion to do some­thing (e.g., an in­ven­tion of a new kind of im­mutable database us­ing a pseudo-ran­dom num­ber gen­er­a­tor, ini­tial seed, salt­ing data, or some other sort of the­o­ret­i­cal in­ven­tion), that one be­lieves that the in­ven­tion should help us be­come more ra­tio­nal, yet the poster doesn’t have much time to elab­o­rate very deeply, has not had time to com­plete the in­ven­tion, and is not en­tirely sure of the vi­a­bil­ity of the in­ven­tion, and whether it makes sense with re­spect to all pos­si­ble as­pects which com­mu­nity cares about.

Cur­rently, in such a situ­a­tion, the most sen­si­ble thing on LessWrong is prob­a­bly writ­ing a draft, and leav­ing it there un­til the time when one has more time to finish the writ­ing.

How­ever, in this fast-pac­ing world, it may well be that shar­ing early or shar­ing some­thing is way bet­ter than shar­ing noth­ing. So, just like we have a sec­tion for “meta”, maybe we could have a sec­tion for shar­ing ideas, and en­courag­ing more re­laxed dis­cus­sion, that is fo­cused on hu­mor and prag­matic cor­rect­ness (ex­plo­ra­tion of pos­si­bil­ities), more than tech­ni­cal cor­rect­ness (hy­giene of rea­son­ing)?