Interesting (or semi-interesting) part time jobs?

I’m cur­rently tak­ing time off from school to fo­cus on my educ­tion. I’m read­ing (a lot), mas­ter­ing some skills, and finish­ing some pro­jects.

It takes money to live, so I need money. I was con­sid­er­ing what my op­tions were for jobs that would keep me en­gaged, and I thought I’d ask LessWrong.


1. I don’t yet have a bach­e­lor’s de­gree. I am how­ever, an in­tel­li­gent and cour­te­ous stu­dent at a pres­ti­gious uni­ver­sity, who doesn’t drink smoke or do drugs.

2. I need at least $800/​month (500 for rent, in­ter­net, and bus fares; 150 for food; 150 for sav­ings).

3. I’m look­ing for less than 16 hours a week, or the tak­ing time off to fo­cus on learn­ing be­comes sort of mute. How­ever, that is on av­er­age; it is fea­si­ble for me to work many hours one week and than lit­tle to none the next.

Op­ti­miza­tion crite­ria:

1. Some­thing in­ter­est­ing, es­pe­cially some­thing where I would learn some­thing new. This may come in all kinds of forms (for in­stance, puts me in close con­tact with the sorts of peo­ple I wouldn’t usu­ally talk to), in­clud­ing some that I haven’t thought of yet. It may even be a new ap­proach to a generic job that makes it challeng­ing or en­gag­ing. Jobs that will let me just sit and read with­out dis­trac­tion, or even just listen to au­dio books while I work, would be great.

2. The fewer hours I have to work, the bet­ter.

I’m cur­rently run­ning ex­per­i­ments (mostly sur­veys) for a de­ci­sion re­search lab. The work it­self a lit­tle bor­ing, but I do get to spend some of my time around mar­ket­ing Ph.d stu­dents who are in­ter­ested in be­hav­ioral eco­nomics and I get paid $12/​hour. It works, but I’m open to other op­tions.

Any ideas?