Mind Space

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Mind Space (or, the design space of minds), is the exploration of all possible minds that could possibly exist.

Me­taphilo­soph­i­cal Mysteries

Wei Dai27 Jul 2010 0:55 UTC
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The De­sign Space of Minds-In-General

Eliezer Yudkowsky25 Jun 2008 6:37 UTC
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Ru­n­away Op­ti­miz­ers in Mind Space

silentbob16 Jul 2023 14:26 UTC
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“The Uni­verse of Minds”—call for re­view­ers (Seeds of Science)

rogersbacon25 Jul 2023 16:53 UTC
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Against In­stru­men­tal Convergence

zulupineapple27 Jan 2018 13:17 UTC
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[Question] Is the com­pe­ti­tion/​co­op­er­a­tion be­tween sym­bolic AI and statis­ti­cal AI (ML) about his­tor­i­cal ap­proach to re­search /​ en­g­ineer­ing, or is it more fun­da­men­tally about what in­tel­li­gent agents “are”?

Edward Hammond17 Feb 2022 23:11 UTC
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Great minds might not think alike

Eric Neyman26 Dec 2020 19:51 UTC
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No Univer­sally Com­pel­ling Ar­gu­ments in Math or Science

ChrisHallquist5 Nov 2013 3:32 UTC
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