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Meta-Honesty is the attempt to be honest about in which situations one will not be honest. It derives from the recognition that an object-level commitment to never lie under any possible circumstance is untenable. A meta-honest person might say something like “I will lie in circumstances similar to an axe-wielding murderer coming to my door and enquiring after the location of my friend.”

Meta-Hon­esty: Firm­ing Up Hon­esty Around Its Edge-Cases

Eliezer Yudkowsky29 May 2018 0:59 UTC
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Firm­ing Up Not-Ly­ing Around Its Edge-Cases Is Less Broadly Use­ful Than One Might Ini­tially Think

Zack_M_Davis27 Dec 2019 5:09 UTC
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[Re­view] Meta-Hon­esty (Ben Pace, Dec 2019)

Ben Pace10 Dec 2019 0:37 UTC
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Deep Honesty

Aletheophile7 May 2024 20:31 UTC
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Notes on Honesty

David Gross28 Oct 2020 0:54 UTC
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Con­sis­tent Glo­ma­riza­tion should be feasible

Stuart_Armstrong4 May 2020 10:06 UTC
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Coun­ter­fac­tual Mug­ging Poker Game

Scott Garrabrant13 Jun 2018 23:34 UTC
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The In­co­her­ence of Honesty

Gordon Seidoh Worley8 Jun 2018 2:28 UTC
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On the Chatham House Rule

Scott Garrabrant13 Jun 2018 21:41 UTC
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Not Tech­ni­cally Lying

Psychohistorian4 Jul 2009 18:40 UTC
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The Onion Test for Per­sonal and In­sti­tu­tional Honesty

27 Sep 2022 15:26 UTC
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