Data Science


Dwarves & D.Sci: Data Fortress

aphyer6 Aug 2022 18:24 UTC
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D&D.Sci Hyper­sphere Anal­y­sis Part 3: Beat it with Lin­ear Algebra

aphyer16 Jan 2024 22:44 UTC
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D&D.Sci Hyper­sphere Anal­y­sis Part 4: Fine-tun­ing and Wrapup

aphyer18 Jan 2024 3:06 UTC
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You can rack up mas­sive amounts of data quickly by ask­ing ques­tions to all your friends

Neil 21 Jan 2024 1:27 UTC
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[Question] In the age of mod­ern AI (LLMs and be­yond), is data still the new oil?

MP14 Sep 2023 13:28 UTC
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Fo­rum Karma: view stats and find highly-rated com­ments for any LW user

Max H1 Jul 2023 15:36 UTC
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Mov­ing Data Around is Slow

SatvikBeri22 Mar 2021 2:36 UTC
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[Question] Im­pact­ful data sci­ence projects

Just Learning11 Apr 2022 4:27 UTC
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scipy.op­ti­mize.curve_fit Is Awesome

niplav7 May 2022 10:57 UTC
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D&D.Sci Hyper­sphere Anal­y­sis Part 2: Non­lin­ear Effects & Interactions

aphyer14 Jan 2024 19:59 UTC
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An anal­y­sis of the Less Wrong D&D.Sci 4th Edi­tion game

Maxwell Peterson4 Oct 2021 0:03 UTC
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Po­modoros worked dur­ing a day: an anal­y­sis of Alex’s data

Derek M. Jones31 May 2021 13:27 UTC
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We Still Don’t Know If Masks Work

Mike Harris5 Jul 2021 4:52 UTC
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“Gen­langs” and Zipf’s Law: Do lan­guages gen­er­ated by ChatGPT statis­ti­cally look hu­man?

Justin-Diamond31 Jan 2024 18:30 UTC
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What’s ChatGPT’s Fa­vorite Ice Cream Fla­vor? An In­ves­ti­ga­tion Into Syn­thetic Respondents

Greg Robison9 Feb 2024 18:38 UTC
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How do you ac­tu­ally ob­tain and re­port a like­li­hood func­tion for sci­en­tific re­search?

Peter Berggren11 Feb 2024 17:42 UTC
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[Question] Would it be use­ful to col­lect the con­texts, where var­i­ous LLMs think the same?

Martin Vlach24 Aug 2023 22:01 UTC
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We have some ev­i­dence that masks work

technicalities11 Jul 2021 18:36 UTC
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[Question] Ques­tion about Test-sets and Bayesian ma­chine learn­ing

Haziq Muhammad9 Aug 2021 17:16 UTC
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