base-line to enlightenment

Find your Base-Line mus­cles:

Pelvic floor ‘Base’.

Rec­tus ab­do­mi­nis ‘Line’.

Think: Stronger and longer with ev­ery breath in.

Use the roll-down ac­tion whilst ac­ti­vat­ing and elon­gat­ing your Base-Line mus­cles.

Be­come aware of your linea alba. The pri­mary anatom­i­cal guide for body al­ign­ment. Midline be­tween the rec­tus ab­do­mi­nis mus­cles.

Build the con­nec­tion be­tween mus­cles and mind.

Learn to fully util­ise the 5 main mus­cles of move­ment:

Base-Line: Pelvic floor and rec­tus ab­do­mi­nis.

Glu­teus max­i­mus and rec­tus fe­moris work­ing in tan­dem con­nect­ing the legs to Base-Line sup­port.

Trapez­ius mus­cles, a sheet of mus­cle sup­port­ing the head and arms through a full range of move­ment. The nuchal & supraspinous lig­a­ments midline be­tween the trapezii should al­ign with the linea alba on the me­dian plane.

Develop your sense of con­scious pro­pri­o­cep­tion.

Re­lease the phys­i­cal re­stric­tions.

Re­gain a full range of nat­u­ral move­ment.

Work to­wards dy­namic al­ign­ment and bal­ance.

The phys­i­cal route to en­light­en­ment.

A do-it-your­self pro­cess. All the in­for­ma­tion you need is here. The rest is up to you.

I’ve gone from de­pressed wreck to truly be­liev­ing.

Look at the anatomy pic­tures & find the mus­cles on your body. Can you sense them?

How do you use your body? Does your pos­ture feel good? Are you ten­sion-free?

Learn to feel and im­prove your state of phys­i­cal al­ign­ment and bal­ance.

Body Align­ment & Balance. Midline Anatomy & the Me­dian Plane.

The Five Main Mus­cles: A Full Range of Nat­u­ral Move­ment, Dy­namic Align­ment & Balance.

The 5 Main Mus­cles Made Easy.

Con­scious Pro­pri­o­cep­tion -Aware­ness of the Body’s Po­si­tion, Mo­tion, Align­ment & Balance.

Pos­ture - Mus­cles, Assess­ment & The Body’s Base-Line for Align­ment.

Myal­gia of Im­bal­ance. Phys­i­cal Restric­tions, Pain, Ten­sion & Weird Sen­sa­tions.

Chakras & Qi—Old Sto­ries for the Base-Line Ex­pe­rience?