Reframing Impact

Why do some things seem like re­ally big deals to us? Why do op­por­tu­nity cost and in­stru­men­tal con­ver­gence ex­ist? Can we build un­al­igned goal-di­rected max­i­miz­ers which don’t lead to doom by de­fault?

Refram­ing Impact

1. What is impact?

Value Impact

De­duc­ing Impact

At­tain­able Utility The­ory: Why Things Matter

World State is the Wrong Level of Ab­strac­tion for Impact

The Gears of Impact

2. How agents impact each other

Seek­ing Power is In­stru­men­tally Con­ver­gent in MDPs

At­tain­able Utility Land­scape: How The World Is Changed

The Catas­trophic Con­ver­gence Conjecture

At­tain­able Utility Preser­va­tion: Concepts

3. Regularizing impact

At­tain­able Utility Preser­va­tion: Em­piri­cal Results

How Low Should Fruit Hang Be­fore We Pick It?

At­tain­able Utility Preser­va­tion: Scal­ing to Superhuman

Rea­sons for Ex­cite­ment about Im­pact of Im­pact Mea­sure Research

Con­clu­sion to ‘Refram­ing Im­pact’