Halloween costume: Paperclipperer

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Guidelines for be­com­ing a pa­per­clip­perer for hal­loween.


  • Paper­clips (some as a prop, make your life eas­ier by buy­ing some, but show effort by mak­ing your own)

  • pli­ers (ex­tra pairs for ex­tra effect)

  • metal wire (can get colour­ful for nov­elty) (Florist wire)

  • crazy hat (for char­ac­ter)

  • Paper­clip props. Think glasses frame, phone case, gloves, cufflinks, shoes, belt, jew­ellery...

  • if party go­ing—Con­sider a gift that is sus­pi­ciously pa­per­clip like. ex­am­ple—pa­per­clip coast­ers, pa­per­clip vase, pa­per­clip party-snack-bowl

  • Epic com­mit­ment—make for­tune cook­ies with pa­per­clips in them. The pos­si­bil­ities are end­less.

  • Epic: pa­per­clip tat­too on the heart. Slightly less epic, draw pa­per­clips on your­self.


While at the party, use the pli­ers and wire to make pa­per­clips. When peo­ple are not watch­ing, try to at­tach them to ob­jects around the house (ex­am­ple, on light fit­tings, on the toi­let pa­per roll, un­der the soap. When peo­ple are watch­ing you—try to give them to peo­ple to wear. Also wear them on the edges of your cloth­ing.

When peo­ple ask about it, offer to teach them to make pa­per­clips. Ex­claim that it’s re­ally fun! Be con­fused, be­wil­dered or dis­tant when you in­sist you can’t ex­plain why.

Re­mem­ber that pa­per­clip­ping is a com­pul­sion and has no rea­son. How­ever that it’s very im­por­tant. “you can stop any time” but af­ter a few min­utes you get fid­gety and pull out a new pair of pli­ers and some wire to make some more pa­per­clips.

Try to leave pa­per­clips where they can be found the next day or the next week. cut­lery draw­ers, in the fridge, on the win­dowsills. And gen­er­ally around the place. The more home made pa­per­clips the bet­ter.

Try to get faster at mak­ing pa­per­clips, try to en­courage com­pe­ti­tions in mak­ing pa­per­clips.

Hints for con­ver­sa­tion:

  • Are spiral galax­ies ac­tu­ally just re­ally big pa­per­clips?

  • Have you heard the good word of our lord and savi­our pa­per­clips?

  • Would you like some pa­per­clips in your tea?

  • How many pa­per­clips would you sell your in­ter­nal or­gans for?

  • Do you also dream about pa­per­clips (best to have a dream pre­pared to share)


The bet­ter you are at the char­ac­ter, the more likely some­one might try to spoil your char­ac­ter by get­ting in your way, steal­ing your props, tak­ing your pa­per­clips. The more you are okay with it, the bet­ter. ideas like, “that’s okay, there will be more pa­per­clips”. This is also why you might be good to have a few pairs of pli­ers and wire. Also know when to quit the bat­tles and walk away. This whole thing is about hav­ing fun. Have fun!

Meta: chances are that other peo­ple who also read this will not be the pa­per­clip­per for hal­loween. Which means that you can do it with­out fear that your friends will copy. Feel free to share pic­tures!

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