CFAR has a matched-donations fundraiser going on [LINK]


The folks at CFAR are working on a post talking about all the good work they’ve done and plan to do, but in the meantime I’m putting this up as a placeholder in case anyone finishing up their 2013 donations literally doesn’t know about it. Someone please let me know if the official announcement’s already up and I’ve missed it.

UPDATE: Lukeprog pointed out that there’s a stub in Main too. Also I put up my own bleg on behalf of CFAR here: http://​​​​cfar-second-thoughts-and-a-bleg/​​ It was an interesting exercise in trying to write glowing praise while experiencing extreme annoyance. I hope I succeeded.

I also hope the official version will be up very soon!

UPDATE2: CFAR now has a post up explaining what they are working on and why you should give. You should probably trust the official version more than mine.