Rationality Quotes 17

“We take al­most all of the de­ci­sive steps in our lives as a re­sult of slight in­ner ad­just­ments of which we are barely con­scious.”
-- Austerlitz

“In both poker and life, you can’t read peo­ple any bet­ter than they can read them­selves. You can, if you’re good, very ac­cu­rately de­ter­mine if they think their hand is good, or if they think they know the an­swer to your le­gal ques­tion. But you can’t be sure if re­al­ity differs from their per­cep­tion.”
-- Matt Maroon

“We should not com­plain about im­per­ma­nence, be­cause with­out im­per­ma­nence, noth­ing is pos­si­ble.”
-- Thich Nhat Hanh

“I’ve never been happy. I have a few mem­o­ries, early in life, and it sounds dra­matic to say, but when I re­flect on my life, the best I’ve ever had were brief pe­ri­ods when things were sim­ply less painful.”
-- Ilan Bouchard

Q: What are the “in­tu­itive and meta­physcal arts”?
A: The gods alone know. Prob­a­bly the old tired con-acts of for­tune-tel­ling and putting the hex on your neigh­bor’s goat, glossed up with gib­ber­ish bor­rowed from pop sci­ence tracts in the last two cen­turies.
-- The Aleph Anti-FAQ

“If you build a snazzy al­ife sim … you’d be a kind of bridg­ing `first cause’, and might even have the power to in­ter­vene in their lives—even obliter­ate their en­tire ex­pe­rienced cos­mos—but that wouldn’t make you a god in any in­ter­est­ing sense. Gods are on­tolog­i­cally dis­tinct from crea­tures, or they’re not worth the pa­per they’re writ­ten on.”
-- Damien Broderick

“NORMAL is a set­ting on a wash­ing-ma­chine.”
-- Niko­lai Kingsley