[META] Proposed title keywords for Discussions

I pro­pose the fol­low­ing ti­tle key­words for Dis­cus­sion posts, to be in­cluded as I did with [META] in this one.

  • META: Posts about LW, in gen­eral.

  • DRAFT: Drafts of posts that may be pro­moted to the main LW, posted for com­ments and crit­i­cism.

  • POLL: Polls and (es­say ques­tion–type) sur­veys on what­ever top­ics seem to merit that for­mat.

  • LINK: Dis­cus­sions cen­tered pri­mar­ily around a linked web­page.

  • HELP: Posts re­quest­ing help with some ques­tion or prob­lem.

  • QUICK: The same sort of con­tent (with re­spect to topic and struc­ture and style) that you’d post to main LW, but smaller and quicker, per­haps.

Feel free to pro­pose oth­ers, de­bate the merit of the ones I’ve sug­gested, tell me that the whole thing is a stupid idea, etc.

This is not meant to re­place the ac­tual Tags sys­tem, which is good for ar­bi­trar­ily tag­ging posts by topic. I see this as a way to al­low us to quickly scan through the list of Dis­cus­sions and know what gen­eral type of con­tent to ex­pect from each item. I don’t ex­pect that ab­solutely ev­ery­thing will need one of these key­words, but many/​most of the things that have been posted in Dis­cus­sion so far seem to be cat­e­go­riz­able along these lines. And I don’t in­tend by this to en­courage spe­cific types of con­tent (e.g. if we get more polls as Dis­cus­sion posts now as a re­sult of hav­ing a [POLL] key­word, then it is not work­ing cor­rectly), I only sug­gest that it may be use­ful for or­ga­niz­ing the things peo­ple are already us­ing this sec­tion for.