Rationality Quotes 11

“If we let eth­i­cal con­sid­er­a­tions get in the way of sci­en­tific hubris, then the fem­i­nists have won!”
-- Helarxe

“The tra­jec­tory to hell is paved with lo­cally-good in­ten­tions.”
-- Matt Gingell

“To a mouse, cheese is cheese; that’s why mouse­traps work.”
-- Wen­dell John­son, quoted in Lan­guage in Thought and Action

“‘Eth­i­cal con­sid­er­a­tion’ has come to mean rea­son­ing from an ivory tower about ab­stract non-is­sues while peo­ple die.”
-- Zeb Haradon

“I in­tend to live for­ever. So far, so good.”
-- Rick Potvin

“The ac­ces­sory op­tic sys­tem: The AOS, ex­ten­sively stud­ied in the rab­bit, arises from a spe­cial class of gan­glion cells, the cells of Do­giel, that are di­rec­tion­ally se­lec­tive and re­spond best to slow rates of move­ment. They pro­ject to the ter­mi­nal nu­clei which in turn pro­ject to the dor­sal cap of Kooy of the in­fe­rior olive. The climb­ing fibers from the olive pro­ject to the floc­culo-nodu­lar lobe of the cere­bel­lum from where the brain stem oc­cu­lo­mo­tor cen­ters are reached through the vestibu­lar nu­clei.”
-- MIT En­cy­clo­pe­dia of the Cog­ni­tive Sciences, “Vi­sual Anatomy and Phys­iol­ogy”

“Fight for those you have lost, and for those you don’t want to lose.”
-- Claymore

“Which facts are likely to reap­pear? The sim­ple facts. How to rec­og­nize them? Choose those that seem sim­ple. Either this sim­plic­ity is real or the com­plex el­e­ments are in­dis­t­in­guish­able. In the first case we’re likely to meet this sim­ple fact again ei­ther alone or as an el­e­ment in a com­plex fact. The sec­ond case too has a good chance of re­cur­ring since na­ture doesn’t ran­domly con­struct such cases.”
-- Robert M. Pir­sig, Zen and the Art of Mo­tor­cy­cle Maintenance

“Revolu­tions be­gin not when the first bar­ri­cades are erected or even when peo­ple lose faith in the old ways of do­ing things, but rather when they re­al­ize that fun­da­men­tal change is pos­si­ble.”
-- Steven Metz

“First Law of An­ime Acous­tics: In space, loud sounds, like ex­plo­sions, are even louder be­cause there is no air to get in the way.”
“Law of In­her­ent Com­bustibil­ity: Every­thing ex­plodes. Every­thing.”
”Law of Con­ser­va­tion of Fire­power: Any pow­er­ful weapon ca­pa­ble of de­stroy­ing/​defeat­ing an op­po­nent in a sin­gle shot will in­vari­ably be re­served and used only as a last re­sort.”
-- Laws of Anime

“On the Popo Agie in Septem­ber,
I watched the wa­ter toss through the same arc,
each molecule pass­ing through and never re­turn­ing,
but the whole a per­ma­nence of chaos,
re­peat­ing to the ca­sual glance,
var­i­ous to the closer look.”
-- Mick McAllister