Trigger Action Planning Workshop

Have you no­ticed that you keep do­ing be­hav­iors that you wish you didn’t, like snack­ing late at night or spend­ing time on Face­book? Or not be­ing able to do a be­hav­ior that you en­dorse, like read­ing a book or go­ing to the gym?

A lot of our be­hav­ior is made of un­con­sciously ex­e­cuted habits, and the habits are them­selves made of sim­ple trig­ger-ac­tion loops. To in­stall the habits we want and get rid of the ones we don’t, we can con­sciously zoom in on these small loops and mod­ify them. For ex­am­ple, you may have a trig­ger ac­tion loop [no­tice phone on desk] → [open Face­book] that can be bro­ken, or a loop [en­ter the house and take off shoes] → [put on gym clothes] that can grow into a gym habit.

Agenda for the work­shop:

  • I’ll pre­sent on build­ing TAPs, the mak­ing of a good trig­ger, how TAPs build into habits and how to prac­tice them.

  • We will plan TAPs for pos­i­tive habits and get feed­back from a part­ner.

  • I’ll pre­sent on iden­ti­fy­ing the TAPs that are already in­stalled in your brain.

  • We will iden­tify bad TAPs, cre­ate a re­place­ment that should break them, and get feed­back from a part­ner.

  • Share your best TAPs with the group, and pick ac­countabil­ity bud­dies that will help you prac­tice.

Ad­di­tional read­ing (op­tional but use­ful):






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