Tips on talking about Polyamory

In a few weeks, I’m going to be running a 45 minute session for a small group of people on polyamory. Things to note before I get into the main body of this post:

1. I may possibly end up identifying as poly, but I have never been in a relationship and as an ace/​aro person it is not something that I dwell on often. But as it stands now, I am not poly (as far as my personal experience indicates).

2. The group of people are generally quite socially progressive, and will probably be open-minded on the topic

So for a youth group seminar, I was asked to run a 45 minute session, and I thought it would be interesting to base it on polyamory. Originally I was thinking of using polyamory as a concept with which to introduce the idea of steelmanning, but this group is (for the most part) entirely unfamiliar with rationality or rationalist thinking methods, and the person coordinating the seminar thought that it would be better to leave out rationalist stuff for now, since it’s not a topic of immediate interest to the group, and they will be choosing between my session and a few others.

I have a pile of reading to do before I plan this session (thanks to the Bayesian Conspiracy podcast’s polyamory episode(s) link lists), but I thought it would be good to check in here and see if anyone had anything to suggest or share that would help with discussing a topic like this.

I haven’t yet decided how I will format the session. It could be anything from me talking for a while to an interactive discussion.

I know I’ve left this quite general and open (which was intentional, since I’m looking for anything and everything people may have as input).