[Question] How would you advise a peer-supported virtues-oriented self-help group?

The “virtues” are the clas­si­cal name for those ha­bit­ual char­ac­ter­is­tics of act­ing and think­ing that tend to­ward a flour­ish­ing, benefi­cial life. An in­fluen­tial the­ory of virtues holds that they are much like many other hu­man skills in that you can be­come fluent in them through sus­tained prac­tice. I’m helping to cre­ate a peer-sup­ported self-help group in which each in­di­vi­d­ual will iden­tify a virtue they want to work on, and then work with a peer (who is do­ing the same) to come up with a prac­tice cur­ricu­lum and a way of mu­tual sup­port /​ ac­countabil­ity so as to keep at it, even­tu­ally mov­ing on to a sec­ond virtue, and so on. We’re “alpha test­ing” it now. I’m hop­ing the LW com­mu­nity can give me some ad­vice, and/​or some poin­t­ers to other groups do­ing similar pro­jects.

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