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WHEN: 21 June 2014 05:30:27PM (+0530)

WHERE: Leela palace, kodihalli, Bangalore

Hi, I am looking for more study partners (aka Bayesian co-conspirators wink) in my attempts at improving my rationality. I am set in Bangalore, India and not sure how many of you are in Bangalore. So how about we meet up in Bangalore sometime in last weekend of June(25th or 26th ) and find out? . As for location, Well there’s enough coffee shops around bangalore. I’m thinking of around Leela palace, old airport road, or perhaps leela palace (barista if my memory is right) coffee shop itself.. We can decide about what to do, and how often to meet on that meeting.

Update: Ok people, Sorry got involved in work and forgot to update contact info. It is still on today 21st Jun 5.30 at leela palace. The coffee shop is called Lavazza. Here’s a google maps link.https://​​​​maps/​​place/​​The+Leela+Palace+Bangalore/​​@12.9607933,77.6482773,15z/​​data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae14067cca9bdd:0x111bbe37cc24e71a.

If you can’t find the shop or the group or the place gimme a call on 89513655147

Discussion article for the meetup : Bangalore meetup