[Question] Literature on memetics?

In cer­tain cir­cles, it’s com­mon to talk about memes as en­tities, in a metaphor­i­cal and hand­wav­ing way. But it seems to me that think­ing rigor­ously and pre­cisely about memes in the frame­work of “memes::genes, meme­plexes::in­fec­tious agents, minds::hosts” ac­tu­ally has a lot of ex­plana­tory and pre­dic­tive power. This kind of thing ought to be a tool in the ra­tio­nal­ist toolkit. In the space of poli­tics, for ex­am­ple, it can be very illu­mi­nat­ing to strip away the con­tent of an idea and an­a­lyze it purely as a repli­ca­tor, or as a com­po­nent of a larger repli­ca­tor con­fer­ring a spe­cific fit­ness ad­van­tage.

A cur­sory on­line search for ex­ist­ing liter­a­ture on memet­ics re­veals that the field is about as con­fused as you would ex­pect. But per­haps I am go­ing about my search in the wrong way. Is there an­other field that en­com­passes the kind of thing I am ges­tur­ing at here?

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