The State of the Art of Scientific Research on Polyamoury

The idea of polyamoury is one that in­ter­ests me. How­ever, while such books as The Eth­i­cal Slut have done a good job of pro­vid­ing me with tools to un­der­stand and pos­si­bly han­dle the challenges and re­wards in­volved, I found them un­satis­fy­ing in that they were largely based on anec­do­tal ev­i­dence, with a very strong se­lec­tion bias. Be­fore mak­ing the jump of at­tempt­ing to live that way, one would need to know pre­cisely the state of the art of sci­en­tific, rigourous, cred­ible re­search on the topic; it is a te­dious job to seek out and com­pile ev­ery­thing, but I be­lieve it is a job worth do­ing.

I’ll be ini­ti­at­ing an on­go­ing pro­cess of data com­pila­tion, and will pub­lish my find­ings on this thread as I dis­cover and sum­ma­rize them. Any help is greatly ap­pre­ci­ated, as this promises to be long and te­dious. I might es­pe­cially need help ex­tract­ing mean­ingful in­for­ma­tion from the masses of data; I am not a good statis­ti­cian yet, far from it.

To Be Ex­panded...