Best Intro to LW article for transhumanists

Sum­mary: if you could show a page of LW to a ran­dom stu­dent who was in­ter­ested in sci­ence, but couldn’t oth­er­wise com­mu­ni­cate with them, which page would you choose?

The Oxford Univer­sity Tran­shu­man­ist So­ciety is a stu­dent so­ciety who ar­range speak­ers on tran­shu­man­ist top­ics—rang­ing from cog­ni­tive en­hance­ment to AI to longevity to high-im­pact ca­reers to Xrisk to brain-ma­chine in­ter­faces. The au­di­ence is a mix­ture of un­der­grad­u­ate and grad­u­ate stu­dents, mostly sci­en­tists, who are in­ter­ested in the fu­ture of sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy, but by no means self-de­scribe as tran­shu­man­ists.

This week we’re fi­nally get­ting or­ganised and pro­duc­ing mem­ber­ship cards. We in­tend to put a URL in a QR code on them, be­cause peo­ple ex­pect cool techy stuff from the Tran­shu­man­ist so­ciety. It’d be nice if the link was some­thing slightly more imag­i­na­tive than just H+ or the face­book page. Nat­u­rally, I thought it should point to LW; but where speci­fi­cally? The About page, a very good ar­ti­cle from the Se­quences, some­thing from Eliezer’s web­site, MoR...? A well cho­sen page, show­cas­ing what LW has to offer, could well draw some­one into LW.

Sugges­tions wel­come. One ar­ti­cle (or very similar set of ar­ti­cles) per top-level com­ment please, so peo­ple can up­vote sug­ges­tions in a tar­get­ted man­ner.