[Question] Tabletop Role Playing Game or interactive stories for my daughter


my daughter is about 3 and a half year old and we have been enjoying some interactive story telling where she is manipulating the story somehow.

When I was ~18, I played tabletop RPG with my friends (for about a year). I really enjoyed it and I think I would really enjoy something like that with my daughter too. So far I have been making things up as we go and sometimes I just get stuck, so I am trying to create some plot and ideas, print out/​draw some graphics, maps around the area where we live...

...and I think it’s a great playground and opportunity to try to slowly incorporate some of the rationality-related ideas (or simply “those stuff I learned about the world which makes me happier or stronger”). Thins like:

  • some people have better ideas than others

  • information is valuable and costly to get

  • updating is valuable

  • fundamental attribution error

  • you can deal with anxiety (CBT/​Unlocking the emotional brain stuff)

  • some useful models or concepts like multi-agent minds, Chesterton fence...

  • Julia Galef’s + EY’s “things to teach kids” here

  • and so on

Anyone knows about some nice plots, materials, stories, tools, game settings and systems or whatever to get some inspiration? It doesn’t matter if it’s for the older kids, I can slowly get there or adjust it for the current age. I would also appreciate if the game system was quite light-weight (she can’t grasp anything more than talking right now anyway) and combat or aggression wasn’t the main focus. E.g. Ryuutama type of games.


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