[Question] Tabletop Role Playing Game or interactive stories for my daughter


my daugh­ter is about 3 and a half year old and we have been en­joy­ing some in­ter­ac­tive story tel­ling where she is ma­nipu­lat­ing the story some­how.

When I was ~18, I played table­top RPG with my friends (for about a year). I re­ally en­joyed it and I think I would re­ally en­joy some­thing like that with my daugh­ter too. So far I have been mak­ing things up as we go and some­times I just get stuck, so I am try­ing to cre­ate some plot and ideas, print out/​draw some graph­ics, maps around the area where we live...

...and I think it’s a great play­ground and op­por­tu­nity to try to slowly in­cor­po­rate some of the ra­tio­nal­ity-re­lated ideas (or sim­ply “those stuff I learned about the world which makes me hap­pier or stronger”). Thins like:

  • some peo­ple have bet­ter ideas than others

  • in­for­ma­tion is valuable and costly to get

  • up­dat­ing is valuable

  • fun­da­men­tal at­tri­bu­tion error

  • you can deal with anx­iety (CBT/​Un­lock­ing the emo­tional brain stuff)

  • some use­ful mod­els or con­cepts like multi-agent minds, Ch­ester­ton fence...

  • Ju­lia Galef’s + EY’s “things to teach kids” here

  • and so on

Any­one knows about some nice plots, ma­te­ri­als, sto­ries, tools, game set­tings and sys­tems or what­ever to get some in­spira­tion? It doesn’t mat­ter if it’s for the older kids, I can slowly get there or ad­just it for the cur­rent age. I would also ap­pre­ci­ate if the game sys­tem was quite light-weight (she can’t grasp any­thing more than talk­ing right now any­way) and com­bat or ag­gres­sion wasn’t the main fo­cus. E.g. Ryu­u­tama type of games.


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