Giving What We Can September Internship

Sum­mary: ad­vert for stu­dents to do char­ity cost-effec­tive­ness re­search at Giv­ing What We Can.

Do you want to join the fight against global poverty and gain ex­pe­rience of re­search or com­mu­ni­ca­tions at one of the world’s hand­ful of or­gani­sa­tions ded­i­cated to im­prov­ing the world as effi­ciently as pos­si­ble? Giv­ing What We Can is run­ning a sum­mer in­tern­ship pro­gramme for stu­dents in­ter­ested in pro­mot­ing effec­tive char­i­ta­ble giv­ing. On the two-week pro­gramme (16th-27th Septem­ber 2013) in­terns will gain train­ing and ex­pe­rience in the area of their choice; ei­ther Cost-Effec­tive­ness Re­search, Com­mu­ni­ca­tions or Oper­a­tions.

The date is cun­ningly placed suffi­ciently late in the year that stu­dents can do an in­tern­ship with an­other com­pany and then come to us af­ter­wards; this is what I did last year.

The in­ter­ship will take place in Oxford, UK. Hous­ing and liv­ing ex­penses will be pro­vided.

To apply

Please send us an email at in­tern­ship@giv­ing­whatwe­ with your CV. The dead­line for ap­pli­ca­tions is 12:00 GMT on the 20th March 2013.

Roles availableRe­search into char­ity cost-effectiveness

Giv­ing What We Can con­ducts re­search to help peo­ple find the most cost effec­tive char­i­ties to donate to, lead by our di­rec­tor of re­search, Over­com­ing Bias co-blog­ger Robert Wiblin. You can get a sense of the re­search here and see a full list of cur­rent pro­jects here. Some sam­ple ar­eas of in­ter­est are:

Eval­u­a­tions of how effec­tive par­tic­u­lar char­i­ties or pro­grammes are.

Com­par­ing efforts to re­duce cli­mate change to other ways of as­sist­ing the world’s poor.

Biomed­i­cal re­search which could offer vac­cines or cures for ne­glected dis­eases.

Poli­ti­cal Ad­vo­cacy—how worth­while is it to lobby for bet­ter gov­ern­ment aid?

Re­quire­ments: A quan­ti­ta­tive back­ground is strongly preferred, es­pe­cially in statis­tics, math­e­mat­ics and eco­nomics.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions: Me­dia con­tent creation

Creat­ing in­fo­graph­ics, videos and other ma­te­ri­als to com­mu­ni­cate our mes­sage about the power of giv­ing and re­search on effec­tive char­ity.

Re­quire­ments: ex­pe­rience with ap­pro­pri­ate soft­ware, such as vec­tor graph­ics or video edit­ing pack­ages.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions: Outreach

Re­search and reach out to rele­vant groups, from or­gani­sa­tions we could work with to web­sites and on­line com­mu­ni­ties where we could build a rep­u­ta­tion and broaden our mem­ber base. This will re­quire both re­search into the most ap­pro­pri­ate and re­cep­tive places to con­tact, and es­tab­lish­ing a rap­port with them be­fore sug­gest­ing that a part­ner­ship of sorts be made.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions: On­line outreach

Work with our so­cial me­dia man­ager to plan and im­ple­ment so­cial me­dia strate­gies, and re­search the most effec­tive way to con­vey Giv­ing What We Can’s mes­sage to other on­line com­mu­ni­ties.

Re­quire­ments: a good un­der­stand­ing of so­cial me­dia strat­egy and the dy­namic of on­line com­mu­ni­ties.

Oper­a­tions: Le­gal/​fi­nan­cial research

We have many pro­jects in this area, but an ex­am­ple of a ma­jor one is re­port­ing on how our ac­tivi­ties fit with for­mally recog­nised char­i­ta­ble pur­poses. This will in­volve work­ing to­wards the re­ports we have to file with the Char­i­ties Com­mis­sion. Other pro­jects in­clude reg­is­ter­ing us as a char­ity over­seas.

Re­quire­ments: Hav­ing stud­ied law is helpful, but not re­quired.