[SEQ RERUN] Recognizing Intelligence

To­day’s post, Rec­og­niz­ing In­tel­li­gence was origi­nally pub­lished on 07 Novem­ber 2008. A sum­mary (taken from the LW wiki):

Sup­pose we landed on an­other planet and found a large metal ob­ject that con­tained wires made of su­per­con­duc­tors, and hun­dreds of tightly matched gears. Would we be able to in­fer the pres­ence of an op­ti­miza­tion pro­cess?

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This post is part of the Rerun­ning the Se­quences se­ries, where we’ll be go­ing through Eliezer Yud­kowsky’s old posts in or­der so that peo­ple who are in­ter­ested can (re-)read and dis­cuss them. The pre­vi­ous post was Back Up and Ask Whether, Not Why, and you can use the se­quence_re­runs tag or rss feed to fol­low the rest of the se­ries.

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