Looking for AI /​ Application Engineer @ OpenPrinciples—Help people align actions with principles

I’m Ti Guo, I am into rationality and is co-founder of EA UWaterloo, and EA IBM. We are looking for remote & part-time EA-aligned Co-founding Team member, or non-paid intern AI /​ Application Engineer (Python), to help build our AI Life Coach product Ultrabrain under our EA-aligned startup OpenPrinciples.

What do we do:

  • OpenPrinciples.org is (to our knowledge) the world’s first crowdsourced database/​wiki for life principles.

  • Ultrabrain is the AI Life Coach product under OpenPrinciples, it helps people align their actions with their principles by helping find, remind, and iterate on life principles. Currently, it uses AI (GPT3, BERT) to remind people of principles when they need them.

  • Our beta version software is running with a small but growing list of users

Why join us:

  • We are solving a significant problem: We believe that the lack of a systematic and principle-driven approach is one of the most significant factors that slow down the growth of EA-aligned people/​organizations.

  • Work at your own hours for 5 ~ 25hrs /​ week depend on your role

  • Learn to build your own startup /​ product from 0 to 1 by working with an experienced team on an altruistic product with real users

  • Work with a group of extremely interesting and “principled” and EA-aligned people, with a lot of mentorships and internal paired life /​ career coaching buddies

Your job task as an AI Engineer could include and not be limited to the following:

  • Build an AI (Data pipeline) to extract principles from articles at scale

  • Fine-tuning NLP models with a large amount of user data

  • Host model and data pipeline on GCP /​ AWS

  • Experiment with different NLP models /​ architectures to solve engineering problems

Your job task as an Application Engineer could include and not be limited to the following:

  • Iterate app prototypes closely with our designers, business side members, and users using the most popular no-code app dev platform Bubble.io

  • Develop python backend server closely with our AI Engineers

Who are we: We are an EA-aligned Team of 4 members plus multiple volunteers, from all over the world. We are also serial entrepreneurs with experience starting NGOs, and venture-backed, YC-interviewed, and 20-under-20 Thiel Fellow startups.

If you are interested in joining us, please shoot me a message at guoty3310@gmail.com or https://​​www.linkedin.com/​​in/​​ti-guo/​​. Please send your resume /​​ LinkedIn profile /​​ personal website /​​ few sentences about your experience.

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