In Russian we have the word ‘Mirozdanie’, which means all that exists

In Rus­sian we have the word ‘Miroz­danie’, which means all that ex­ists, no mat­ter do we know any­thing about it or not. The sense of this word in­cludes you and me and ev­ery man, and ev­ery star, and ev­ery planet and all uni­verses and all space (su­per) civ­i­liza­tions, if ex­ist, and this world and any other wor­lds, if ex­ist, and so on. Is any English word with the same sense? Or in other words, how cor­rectly and ad­e­quately trans­late the Rus­sian word ‘Miroz­danie’ in English? I have my web pro­ject (in Rus­sian) “Dossier on Miroz­danie” ( http://​​www.miroz­ ) To tell about it in English some­times I use the word, that Google and other dic­tio­nar­ies re­comend - ‘Creation’ (Creation Dossier), some­times, when I am afraid of be­ing ac­cused of cre­ation­ism, I use the word «Mul­ti­verse» (Mul­ti­verse Dossier), but I think, ev­ery of this words has a great short­age in the con­text—both of them are based on hy­po­thet­i­cal con­cep­tions.