[Question] Ways to increase working memory, and/​or cope with low working memory?

Ideas so far:

  • chunking: works sorta well, requires upfront cost to learn the concept, another cognitive cost to use the concept properly, and remember to do so in-context.

  • DNB: not much, if any.

  • spaced repetition: I said “working” memory.

  • writing things down: helpful, has time and depth costs, unclear how useful it is for learning new things.

  • whiteboards, notebooks, etc: Somewhat helpful, but has similar problems as writing, plus it doesn’t help as much when trying to grok a concept /​ know when to apply it.

  • just-in-time knowledge systems: I’m trying to build an incredibly-hokey “concept database” to do a bit of this. The main problem is still usually “knowing which thing applies to a given problem”, plus the above problems with writing things down.

As usual with my threads on this sort of topic, this is looking for wacky/​anti-inductive/​risky methods only.