[Expired] 20,000 Free $50 Charity Gift Cards

Update: The “20,000 free $50 Charity Gift Cards” opportunity expired on 1211 around 10 PM EST, about 9 hours after it opened, according to an update on the website that reads “We’re happy to share that together, we’ve given away 30,000 Charity Gift Cards to support the causes you care about, for a total of $2 million donated.”

20,000 Free $50 Charity Gift Cards made available on 1211 at 1 PM EST

Link: https://​​redefinegifting.tisbest.org/​​

(This is a cross-post of my EA Forum post.)

Take 30 seconds to Sign up now to receive a $50 Charity Gift Card to give to the nonprofit of your choice:


  1. Go to: https://​​redefinegifting.tisbest.org/​​

  2. Sign up with your name and email address:

  1. Your $50 Charity Gift Card was sent to your email. Take another ~2-5 minutes to follow the instructions in the email you received to donate the money to a nonprofit of your choice.

I received my $50 gift card and donated it to MIRI.

I will update this post promptly upon learning that the 20,000 gift cards have run out.

Sign up here: https://​​redefinegifting.tisbest.org/​​

If you’re interested in another opportunity like this, see Make a $10 donation into $35 (available until December 25th).