Meetup : Southeast Michigan

WHEN: 04 Jan­uary 2014 02:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: 19334 Angling Street, Livo­nia, MI

Just about six months af­ter the last meetup (which was lots of fun!), please take time out to at­tend an­other Detroit/​Ann Ar­bor area Less Wrong meetup. With spe­cial vis­it­ing guests—Ali­corn and Mike Blume!

Meetup will be held at the same house it was in last time. Itiner­ary is still “snacks and in­for­mal dis­cus­sion”. RSVPs still ap­pre­ci­ated but not re­quired.

If there are peo­ple who can’t make it then but can make that Sun­day, I will con­sider chang­ing the date.