[Question] Why Carl Jung is not popular in AI Alignment Research?

Carl Jung’s theories of individuation and the collective unconscious focus on the individual experience in relation to a larger collective unconscious shared by humanity. Individuation is the journey of discovering a person’s true identity, and in order to do so, one must be aware of their unconscious psychological patterns, symbols, and archetypes stored within. On the other hand, the collective unconscious is a vast repository of ancient symbols and myths that are shared across many cultures around the world. In Jungian psychology, these archetypes are seen as the foundation for creativity and imagination. By examining how these archetypes interact with each other in various contexts, one can gain insight into their personal life journey.

Why has AI alignment research (in general) failed to draw on Carl Jung’s theories of archetypes, individuation, and the collective unconscious to identify potential gaps in the field?

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