Rescuing the Extropy Magazine archives

Pos­si­bly of more in­ter­est to old school Ex­tropi­ans, you may be aware the de­funct Ex­tropy In­sti­tute’s web­site is very slow and bro­ken, and cer­tainly in­ac­cessible to new­com­ers.

Any­how, I have re­cently pieced to­gether most of the early pub­li­ca­tions, 1988 − 1996 of ‘Ex­tropy: Vac­cine For Fu­ture Shock’ later, Ex­tropy: Jour­nal of Tran­shu­man­ist Thought, as a part of map­ping the his­tory of Ex­tropi­anism.

You’ll find some re­ally in­ter­est­ing very early ar­ti­cles on neu­ral aug­men­ta­tion, tran­shu­man­ism, liber­tar­i­anism, AI (fea­tur­ing Eliezer), rad­i­cal eco­nomics (fea­tur­ing Robin Han­son of course) and even de­cen­tral­ised pay­ment sys­tems.

Along with the ExI mailing list which is not yet wik­ified, it pro­vides a great in­sight into early rad­i­cal tech­nolog­i­cal think­ing, an era mostly known for the early hacker move­ment.

Let me know your thoughts/​feed­back!