Cosmic expansion vs uploads economics?

In a pre­vi­ous post (and the at­ten­dant pa­per and talks) I men­tioned how easy it is to build a Dyson sphere around the sun (and start uni­ver­sal colon­i­sa­tion), given de­cent au­toma­tion.

De­cent au­toma­tion in­cludes, of course, the copy­able up­loads that form the ba­sis of Robin Han­son’s up­load eco­nomics model. If up­loads can gather vast new re­sources by Dyson­ing the sun us­ing cur­rent or near fu­ture tech­nol­ogy, this calls into ques­tion Robin’s model that stan­dard cur­rent eco­nomic as­sump­tions can be ex­tended to an up­loads world.

And Dyson­ing the sun is just one way up­loads could be com­pletely trans­for­ma­tive. There are cer­tainly other ways, that we can­not yet be­gin to imag­ine, that up­loads could rad­i­cally trans­form hu­man so­ciety in short or­der, mak­ing all our con­ti­nu­ity as­sump­tions and our cur­rent mod­els moot. It would be worth in­ves­ti­gat­ing these ways, keep­ing in mind that we will likely miss some im­por­tant ones.

Against this, though, is the gen­eral un­fore­seen fric­tion ar­gu­ment. Uploads may be rad­i­cally trans­for­ma­tive, but prob­a­bly on longer timescales than we’d ex­pect.