The Contrarian Sequences

A series of posts wherein I outline my disagreements with Shishou (Eliezer Yudkowsky).

When I discovered the sequences was my second epiphany (the first was when I became atheist, and my world was turned upside down). Eliezer’s charisma, his arrogance, the force of his personality, and his eloquence all combined to make a deadly drug. I was hooked, and seized with a fervour greater than when I first gave my life to Jesus Christ. Eliezer became my new Jesus, and I was drinking the koolaid pretty badly. Some months later (in light of criticism from both friend and foe), I realised I was a cultist, and began trying to sanitise myself. Due to the Halo effect, I accepted everything Eliezer said unconditionally, and never bothered trying to ascertain for myself the veracity of his claims.

I am stronger now than I was then, and aspiring higher still. This is a project in raising my epistemic hygiene. I will only react to posts that I feel were wrong in the overarching thesis, and develop my counterarguments in them. I expect I should write counter posts for at least 1% of all posts (if I don’t reach the target, I’m probably not being critical enough), and at most 5% (if I exceed that, then I’ve probably just biased myself in the opposite direction, and/​or I’m getting a kick out of disagreeing with Eliezer). Posts in the contrarian sequences would be in chronological order of how I wrote them, and not in the order of how they appear in the sequences, or in any ontological order.

Table of Contents

  1. The Reality of Emergence

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