First Phoenix, AZ Less Wrong Meetup 4/​17 from 12-2pm

Many of my friends and I are fre­quent read­ers of Less Wrong and as­piring ra­tio­nal­ists, and we’d like to get to know any­one else in the area who is in­ter­ested in get­ting to­gether to make the world a lit­tle brighter. Ab­solutely any­one is wel­come! (Even if you want to make the world darker, that cer­tainly makes for some in­ter­est­ing dis­cus­sion!).

I will be at a table near the Star­bucks in the ASU Me­mo­rial Union from 12 to 2 pm. I’ll prob­a­bly be wear­ing a bright or­ange shirt, will have a Less Wrong sign of some kind, and will likely be read­ing some eco­nomics.

There are many places in the MU where we can get food and drinks, and also plenty of places to sit and talk.

The ad­dress is 1290 S Nor­mal Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281, and here is a map cen­tered on it. Park­ing in the ASU garages is free on Sun­days.

My phone num­ber is 602-501-9420, feel free to call or text me.