Less Wrong Podcast Queries

I have a friend for whom I wish to pur­chase the Less Wrong pod­casts that are available on Cas­tify, as they have difficulty read­ing ar­ti­cles of any length (due to a com­bi­na­tion of read­ing com­pre­hen­sion is­sues and be­ing eas­ily dis­tracted from it). I’ve a few ques­tions be­fore I start do­ing so, how­ever.

First, re­gard­ing the qual­ity of the au­dioblogs them­selves. Are they good qual­ity for listen­ing to? More­over, is the ma­te­rial they cover com­pre­hen­si­ble? I must con­fess, I’ve never been much of an au­dio learner my­self, so I can’t say for cer­tain whether Less Wrong would trans­late well to such a for­mat, but of those for whom that is not an is­sue, have you found the Less Wrong casts to be un­der­stand­able suffi­ciently well for a first-time listener? If not, is there any ad­vice I might offer them in their listen­ing?

Fur­ther, while my read­ing of Less Wrong was some­what ran­dom, I’d like to know in which or­der I should provide those ar­ti­cles that are available on Cas­tify. I may have to perform my own read­ing of some of the more nec­es­sary ar­ti­cles, if they are not pre­sent early in the casts (Know­ing about Bi­ases Can Hurt Peo­ple, for in­stance, I feel should be one of the first posts they hear).

Thanks for any help you can offer.