For the metaphors

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I make use of a lot of analo­gies, for in­stance ‘like danc­ing’ and ‘the ice skat­ing thing’ are par­tic­u­lar phe­nom­ena I of­ten think about, and I get value from think­ing about meta-ethics as if it were ro­mance, or sav­ing the world as if it were a party. I won­der if pro­vid­ing a va­ri­ety of con­crete ex­pe­riences that other things might be analo­gized to is a big source of value from do­ing new things.

For in­stance, re­cently I took up knit­ting and I think there are things about it that my other ex­pe­riences don’t have. For in­stance, I got some knit­ting pat­terns, and they have this very brief and util­i­tar­ian jar­gon, and a bunch of con­cepts, and I got a sense of this rich world of ac­tion­able and ac­tioned knowl­edge about how to do a con­crete thing, with much do­ing of it, which is pretty un­like other things I en­gage in, I am sorry to say.

I was also struck by the ex­pe­rience of be­ing able to take a rel­a­tively sim­ple sub­stance (wool) and turn it into a use­ful ob­ject of the kind one buys in a store (a hat, or it seems like it will be a hat).

Th­ese things are of course what I ex­pect in the ab­stract, but it is some­thing else to ex­pe­rience things.

I’m not sure how these new ex­pe­riences com­pare to the value I have had so far from the ac­tivity of knit­ting, but it seems like much more than the value of a generic hat, and I only have maybe a quar­ter of one of those.

My cur­rent guess is that filling out my reper­toire of con­crete in­tu­itions about spe­cific kinds of oc­cur­rences or re­la­tion­ships be­tween things is pretty helpful.