Rationality Quotes 12

“Even if I had an ob­jec­tive proof that you don’t find it un­pleas­ant when you stick your hand in a fire, I still think you’d pull your hand out at the first op­por­tu­nity.”
-- John K Clark

“So of­ten when one level of delu­sion goes away, an­other one more sub­tle comes in its place.”
-- Ra­tional Buddhist

“Your de­nial of the im­por­tance of ob­jec­tivity amounts to an­nounc­ing your in­ten­tion to lie to us. No-one should be­lieve any­thing you say.”
-- John McCarthy

“How ex­actly does one ‘al­ter re­al­ity’? If I eat an ap­ple have I al­tered re­al­ity? Or maybe you mean to just give the ap­pear­ance of al­ter­ing re­al­ity.”
-- JoeDad

“Pro­mot­ing less than max­i­mally ac­cu­rate be­liefs is an act of sab­o­tage. Don’t do it to any­one un­less you’d also slash their tires.”
-- Black Belt Bayesian