[Question] What shape has mindspace?

Episte­molog­i­cal sta­tus: Bab­bling.

Let map each mind in mindspace to how al­igned it is. We are try­ing to op­ti­mize . To that end, lem­mata are helpful which talk about the shape of mindspace. That’s why we try to call it a space even be­fore defin­ing what cat­e­gory it lives in.

To op­ti­mize a func­tion, start with a di­verse enu­mer­a­tion of its do­main. The de­on­tolog­i­cal enu­mer­a­tion cov­ers all oth­ers with con­stant-fac­tor over­head, but the con­se­quen­tial­ist enu­mer­a­tion gives us more prop­er­ties to work with.

Every mind has an im­plicit util­ity func­tion . fac­tors through as a func­tion, but not as a con­tin­u­ous func­tion, let alone a -mor­phism. That’s why we’ve re­cently moved away from ex­plicit util­ity max­i­miz­ers.

Use math­e­mat­i­cal lan­guage to tell our story! Then we might guess where it’s go­ing.

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